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Hospital Universitario de Sant Joan de Reus

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Hospital Universitario de Sant Joan de Reus
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Hospital Universitario de Sant Joan de Reus
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Doctors Rely on AMX Control

When a patient is undergoing surgery, it’s important that the tools the doctors need to do their job safely are absolutely reliable. At the Hospital San Joan de Reus in Tarragona, Spain, doctors have chosen to rely on AMX control to manage six operating rooms equipped with the latest technology and surgical equipment.

The AMX system makes synthesizing information in real time from various systems easy for doctors, thanks to an intuitive interface. The touch panels in each room control four monitors, a wireless microphone system, amplified audio, three cameras including an endoscopic model, a PC, and a medical lamp with built-in camera. It also allows RMS real-time monitoring of the status of all controlled equipment and performs preventive maintenance tasks.

Knowing that the system will evolve with the growing needs of the doctors and surgeons of Hospital San Joan de Reus is a great comfort to the staff second only to the peace of mind they get in knowing that their systems are truly reliable thanks to AMX.