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Kobayashi Hall is located in the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization in the northern part of Tsukubashi, Japan. Here, scientific research at its most advanced can be found as researchers endeavor to demystify concepts like the origin of matter at the time of space birth by using an accelerator that approaches the speed of light. Kobayashi’s challenge was to develop a control system to faithfully and clearly manage and display digital images in their large conference hall.

The solution includes a screen and projection system capable of two image windows on one screen, both high-def. The image projected by digital signals, such as HDMI and DVI, from a projector faithfully reproduces the original image contents in a dazzling onscreen image. Two 22-inch AMX ELO touch systems at the control desk manage the system and enables selection among a total of four other stations.

The result is a 200-person conference hall with a control system that is technologically as worthy as the research facility, itself.