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The Faculty of Medicine was given the challenge of designing innovative new spaces that would enhance learning by appropriately incorporating education technology that would enhance collaboration without becoming too daunting for users. The design had to be straightforward enough for a learner, faculty or staff to walk into the room and easily utilize an assortment of technologies for various learning styles from a single touch device.

The AMX touch panels allowed Memorial University to design their own standard user interfaces for the small group learning rooms with video conferencing. The core UI was easily replicated to all AMX touch panels throughout the building. The system enables medical students collaborating on differential diagnoses to have the ability to share each of their team’s findings with any other team or the entire room.

The main objective of this design was to increase medical student collaboration within an undergraduate curriculum in large and small group learning spaces. The system removes the stigma of using complex equipment by implementing a simple design that offered a similar look and feel across all rooms. The true objective was to enable this type of team collaboration during medical school in the hopes that it will continue throughout their medical careers and improve health outcomes for the general population.