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BMC Software Uses ClearOne to Overcome Acoustic Challenges

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BMC Software Uses ClearOne to Overcome Acoustic Challenges
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BMC Software Uses ClearOne to Overcome Acoustic Challenges
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American Business IT software and solutions company, BMC Software Ltd commissioned AV integrator Genesis IT Innovations to provide an audio and video conferencing solution for the boardroom in their new regional headquarters in Pune, India.

The new build project had several acoustic challenges to be overcome. The boardroom needed the highest-quality video and audio conferencing, however the project architect specified highly reflective surfaces. Gypsum walls and ceiling and a hard wooden table provided a challenge for the Genesis team.


Two ceiling-mounted Beamforming Microphones Arrays were installed. This meant that there were no table microphones at all. The arrays not only reduce clutter; the solution creates steerable beams, ensuring the highest-quality audio from each person at the table. Furthermore these beams adapt in response to the changing positions of people speaking in the room. Pickup of extraneous noise is kept to a minimum and the system automatically adjusts to guarantee a consistent audio level.

The microphones were connected to a CONVERGE Pro® signal processor to provide all the required signal processing. Importantly, the CONVERGE Pro controls the two microphones as one system, without any complicated set-up.

With ClearOne it’s a completely integrated system.


1 x CONVERGE Pro 840T Signal Processor
2 x Beamforming Microphone Array


One of the main reasons that Ashwin Deshmukh, of Genesis IT Innovations, chose the ClearOne CONVERGE Pro digital signal processor was for its ability to eliminate noise and audio reflection caused by audio reflection off the hard walls. The Beamforming Microphone Array has a sleek and stylish design with completely flexible coverage. Uniquely, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) is applied to each beam to ensure the best audio and video conferencing quality with remote participants.


The client wanted a technology and cable-free environment to ensure the aesthetics of the architectural design were not diminished by the video conferencing equipment. The finished design was approved after commissioning and fine-tuning of the system was completed with ClearOne project design support. The audio quality is crisp, clear, and the solution is visually pleasing, resulting in a satisfied end customer.


Genesis IT has pioneered audio visual system integration in India for the last 20 years. The firm provides comprehensive audio, visual, lighting, and control solutions to many Fortune 500 companies within India. They maintain systems for corporate clients such as Honeywell and IBM. The team at Genesis IT Innovations India has successfully accomplished over 12,000+ installations and manage over 500 clients.