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Sibenik Convention Center
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Located in Croatia on the beautiful Adriatic coast, the Šibenik Convention Center is the first venue of its kind to be built within the country since the independence of the Croatian state was declared in 1991. Designed with flexibility in mind, the spaces within the Šibenik Convention Center can be divided or combined to adapt for all types of events and exhibitions.

With a total of 4,000 square meters of meeting space, the center encompasses 11 individual halls and rooms with an overall capacity for 2,500 people. The center’s central space is the main hall. With its movable stage, the hall holds 1,500 people in theater mode, 1,000 with banquet facilities, and 1,365 in ‘cocktail’ format, and can be configured four ways: as a single room or three independently operating rooms, each with its own motorized screen and high-power Epson projector. 


HUST d.o.o. completed the design and installation of the audiovisual systems for the convention center, enabling further flexibility within the venue via zoning that can be easily changed to match the space configuration for any given event. They chose a combination of distributed Biamp loudspeakers for high quality background music and Biamp’s Community loudspeakers for AV and conferencing, where higher levels and focus are required.

Each of the three independent rooms features a distributed audio system comprising eight Community high output two-way D8 ceiling loudspeakers, with D10SUB ceiling-mount subwoofers adding extended response and low-frequency impact.

An additional pair of V2-8 8-inch compact full-range two-way loudspeakers are used to focus sound on the screen. When the hall is used as a single room, the individual sound systems combine into one.

To provide system control, HUST d.o.o. installed a Biamp TesiraFORTÉ, with the Tesira TEC-1s Ethernet control unit and multiple PCs, creating a simple, intuitive interface. Each operator’s username and password determine their authorized level of control. Biamp REVAMP amplifiers provide power for the loudspeakers throughout the complex. 


Thanks to the implementation of Biamp’s Tesira platform and loudspeaker lines, the Šibenik Convention Center is fully optimized to provide superior audiovisual performance for all events and configuration.

“Šibenik Convention Center is a very prestigious new venue for Croatia,” Tomislav Stubican of HUST d.o.o. said. “We are very pleased to have provided it with a sound system that is a combination of exceptional quality, versatility, and modern design.”