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Monterrey Airport Enhances the Traveling Experience with Large-Scale Direct View LED Video Wall Project

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Monterrey Airport Enhances the Traveling Experience with Large-Scale Direct View LED Video Wall Project
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Airport wayfinding, information and advertising is modernized with innovative digital solutions implemented throughout the airport remodeling process, with jaw-dropping, super-wide installations still to come.


Peerless-AV®, working alongside Absen and POP Media Technology (POP MT), has been completing a series of Direct View LED (dvLED) video wall installations at Monterrey International Airport in Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico. The installations are part of a remodeling project, taking place over several years, to transform the airport into a second international connection center alongside Mexico City.

Monterrey International Airport is a high-traffic hub for domestic and international flight operations for the city of Monterrey and the surrounding metropolitan area. Airport terminals were originally renovated and expanded in 2003 and 2007 but have now begun additional renovations to elevate the airport with innovative audio-visual technology.

Having begun two phases of installations thus far, the teams have incorporated their services and products to deliver dvLED video walls of various sizes. A total of 29 solutions have been implemented in various areas of the airport including taxi areas, main entrances, boarding gates, check-in halls, and more to allow for an enhanced airport experience.

The Challenge

Monterrey Airport needed to find a solution to offer an elevated experience for wayfinding and communication throughout the airport halls, terminals, and check-in points as part of the large-scale renovation project. Incorporating large dvLED video walls in various locations of the airport would allow for eye-catching, easily adaptable communication for travelers, even in the busiest areas of the airport.

The discussion for these video wall installations began in 2021, with the knowledge that Monterrey Airport would be one of the first airports in Mexico to incorporate state-of-the-art dvLED solutions. Recognizing they needed a trusted team for this job, digital signage integrator, POP MT, specializing in full integration services for wow-factor, large-scale and custom projects, was contracted for the airport installations.

POP MT acted as the central point of contact for all involved parties and handled the design for each unique installation location and Peerless-AV manufactured and supplied the SEAMLESS Kitted Series dvLED Mounting Systems to support the chosen Absen KL 2.5 LED Displays.

Many of the installations would be placed high up, which meant fundamental safety plans were put in place, involving meticulously designed and engineered steel ceiling structures on which the Peerless-AV mounts would be secured.  

“From previous experience, we knew that any mount provided by Peerless-AV would provide a quick and easy install with reliable, quality performance,” said Gabriel Lopez, Sales Director, at POP MT.  “However, we also knew the importance of taking time with the project specs and planning stage, without rushing. There were a lot of building regulations and construction considerations so conducting careful site evaluations and taking vital measurements early on, then collaborating on installation steps for the entire mounting structure meant all would go smoothly when it came to placement of the cabinets.”

The Solution

The team held multiple meetings to discuss which solution and technology would work best for this installation to achieve the innovation they sought after. At first, the airport planned to use large format LCD displays for flight information, but ultimately moved forward with dvLED. Comparison data was presented to Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte, S.A.B. de C.V., known as OMA, the airport operator, and it was decided that dvLED would provide the dependability and longevity necessary in a 24/7 airport environment, while delivering a bold, bright statement with excellent image quality.

Absen was chosen for its field-proven capabilities and brand strength in the region. The pixel pitch of the Absen KL 2.5 LED Displays would provide the highest resolution and contrast for an enhanced viewing experience for all flight information. This would allow the video walls to be visible while placed high up, but also legible for close-up viewing of boarding information.

Each installation was intended to be flat against a wall or hung from the ceiling, depending on the placement and intended use. The SEAMLESS Kitted Series dvLED Mounting Systems were the perfect solution and were configured according to the unique layout and size of each video wall. The mount’s versatile, installer-friendly design would also ensure an efficient integration, no matter the location of the displays.

The Installation

The installation began in November of 2022, with the first phase now complete and the second still in progress to year-end.

The first phase of the project included 18 installations. One 9x8 tile video wall (5.76m x 3.84m) was placed in the taxi area, and two back-to-back ceiling-mounted solutions were located at the airport terminal entrance. One 19x5 tile video wall (12.16m x 2.4m) was placed in each main hall–North and South. Seven 2x2 tile landscape video walls (1.28m x .096m) were installed at the boarding gates and six 2x2 tile in portrait were incorporated into kiosks in the main halls to display flight information.

The second phase, still in progress, involves eight phenomenal, ultra-wide dvLED video wall installations at the airport’s check-in desks that will far exceed wow-factor expectations. Namely, two 42x4 tile (26.88m x 1.92m), two 45x4 tile (28.8m x 1.92m), and four 49x4 tile (31.36m x 1.92m). Additionally, three 9x8 tile video walls (5.76m x 3.84m) will be installed in the new entrance halls of the airport. 

The SEAMLESS Kitted Series dvLED Mounting System allowed for a simple and efficient installation, while achieving a perfectly flat finish without seams. The mount’s lightweight frame, display adaptors and industry leading adjustment, especially on the Z-axis (depth), allowed for precise alignment of each cabinet without any complications.

 “POP Media was very happy with the flexibility of the Peerless-AV team in their response to any last-minute changes,” said Lopez. “Product availability, easy handling and expert support really helped us deliver this successful, stand-out project that is still in progress and will be an exemplary reference point for our business in Mexico for many years to come.”

“Now with the introduction of the new SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System, stocking and shipping will be even easier as this solution is shipped in one box, facilitating a faster turnaround and shorter lead time to customers,” said Carlos Rodriguez, Peerless-AV Latino America. “The universal design removes the need for dedicated adaptors and also makes it far more reconfigurable to make changes on-site, which is a huge help for the ongoing installations at the airport.”

The Results

The result is a flawless, seamless look. The Peerless-AV mounting system allowed each video wall to achieve a sleek finish, avoiding any visible lines. All displays in the first phase are operational with mixed content of flight information and advertising wowing customers passing through the terminals and achieving the desired modernized look throughout the entire Monterrey International Airport.

The results not only add an unprecedented, elevated ambiance to the airport, but also allow for easy adaptability, quick updates, and timely messages to appear for all travelers, saving both time and money for airport operators.

The airport has future plans to capitalize on waiting, receptive and exited passengers by selling space to retail advertisers and launching eye-catching, creative campaigns across the digital signage network.

“We are so proud of the results of the installations so far,” said Carlos Rodriguez. “With the first phase of installations complete and fully functioning for travelers to use, we are excited to continue collaborating with POP MT and the installation teams to finish the second project phase, delivering a complete digital signage system overhaul for Monterrey International Airport that will bring them admiration and praise from counterparts in Latin America and the wider global AV industry.”



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