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Small-format Omnidirectional Palmheld Dynamic Paging Microphone

Model: 651

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Small-format omnidirectional palmheld dynamic paging microphone. The Astatic 651 is a small-format squeeze-to-talk, dynamic microphone for critical communications applications. The 651 has a tailored frequency response providing clear transmission and maximum intelligibility of speech. The housing is built to withstand rough mechanical impact while the transducer resists atmospheric extremes. The 651 has a simple to operate DPDT long-life, trouble-free, leaf switch. It has a low-impedance output and is factory wired normally open. The 651 may be rewired in the field if a line shorting function is desired. The Astatic 651 is an excellent choice for any application requiring a small-format palmheld microphone for discrete or tight-mounting spaces such as life-safety systems or paging stations where small size is required. The 651 is also suited to most public address and general, multiple-use, commercial paging applications such as factories, airports, lobbies, restaurants, warehouses, etc.
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