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Audix Up Close with Morgan Beatbox
Posted on Friday, August 17, 2018

Morgan Beatbox is an internationally known beatboxer from South Africa and winner of the South African beatbox championships. Known for his wide versatility and creativity, Morgan Beatbox is the only beatboxer in the world who can produce up to eight sounds at the same time. He has performed with artists ranging from South Africa's The Parlotones to DJ Jaguar Skills from the UK and has toured internationally, from California to Zimbabwe to Thailand. Morgan has performed on radio and TV as well, and he has also been a judge on Battle Stations, a talent discovery show. We caught up with Morgan during his rehearsals to talk about what led him to Audix microphones and how he got his start.

1. How did you get your start as an artist? 
I started in school, beatboxing to myself until a friend in science class heard me and told me to do exactly that at break time as he wanted to call all his friends to come listen. I beatboxed for them and when I looked up there were about 50 students surrounding me-teachers thought it was a fight! This was the point I realized I could use my beatboxing to entertain...the rest is history.

2. How did you hear about Audix? 
After a few years of beatboxing and gaining experience and stage time, I came across the Audix brand at a music shop. I fell in love with the Audix OM2 and have been using the same exact mic for about 10 years now.

3. What Audix microphones are you using currently? For what applications?
Audix OM2 for beatboxing live. Audix CX-112 for studio beatboxing.

4. What was the impetus for switching to Audix?
Audix is a mic that can handle anything. Immediately I could feel how it handled my loud sounds and heavy bass; the OM2 handles and delivers, that's what sold me. Audix specializing partly in drum microphones may have something to do with it, because beatboxing is kind of like recording a drum kit. With Audix, my sounds became clearer, more pronounced.

5. What are your favorite features of the microphones you're using?
My favourite feature on my OM2 is the sound it delivers, and secondly the decal work I have on it.

Check out this incredible video clip of Morgan beatboxing with his customized Audix OM2 here