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Audix A150 & A152 Headphones: Featured Review for August 2020 in Recording Magazine
Posted on Saturday, August 15, 2020

August 15, 2020 - The reviews continue to come in, and once again, another publication has plenty of praise for the brand new Audix A150 and A152 headphones. In fact, Recording Magazine was so impressed, they made their A150 and A152 headphone reviews the feature review for August 2020 online.

Reviewer Alex Hawley appreciated the sound quality and comfort of the A150. He wrote:

"The imaging is exceptional. Well-mixed material sounds three-dimensional, with excellent separation between instruments. These headphones are accurate enough to mix confidently through and are very well suited for tracking, thanks to their great isolation. In addition to studio uses, I find them very pleasing for everyday listening. I wouldn't hesitate to make them a daily listener, although Bluetooth connectivity would be desirable for that application. Bottom line: the sound quality and comfort get two thumbs up from me!"

Regarding the A152, he described the extended lower frequency response and who might appreciate it: "The reproduction of subharmonic material is quite impressive, making it a great candidate for post-production sound designers or electronic musicians."