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Biamp Systems’ Tesira Platform Transforms WAIRC Into e-Court Environment
Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Biamp Systems’ Tesira Platform Transforms WAIRC Into e-Court Environment

Retrofitted Western Australian tribunal rolls out remote conferencing, centralized administration and recording, enhanced audio capabilities, and more

BEAVERTON, Oregon — Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems, announced that the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC) was transformed from a traditional courtroom experience into an e-court environment centered on Tesira®, Biamp’s flagship digital signal processing (DSP) platform. The installation allows the Commission to integrate existing systems while improving the delivery and distribution of audio through enhancements such as remote conferencing, centralized monitoring and control, and augmented audio comprehension using AVB/TSN technology.

Biamp_WAIRC Courtroom_Low resThe Perth-based WAIRC retrofitted its outdated tribunal infrastructure to create a state-of-the-art e-Court experience with the help of Redfish Technologies Pty Ltd, a specialty audiovisual integrator that focus upon judicial and evidential recording solutions. The solution is based around two Biamp Tesira SERVER-IO chassis to power the installation. The solution uses the existing network to deliver lifelike audio across the four new hearing rooms and four new conference rooms. The system also seamlessly integrates existing third-party solutions such as Liberty Court Recording; Kramer Vision systems controlled by Tesira allowing for accurate Video Follow Audio in the recording system; integrated Tesira VoIP teleconferencing and Polycom video conferencing; zoned voice lift within the rooms; and Univox hearing assistance. Tesira also facilitated centralized monitoring, recording and control, streaming and on-demand recording, and the ability to incorporate AVB/TSN technologies for forthcoming courtroom recording requirements — future-proofing the organization for years to come.

Biamp_WAIRC Rack 1“Biamp has become our go-to brand for clients seeking to convert traditional meeting and conferencing spaces — in this case, a legal tribunal — into modern collaboration environments,” said Stuart Herring, managing director of Redfish Technologies. “Using the highly efficient Tesira platform, we were able to install the market’s most advanced commercial audio capabilities, together with features such as remote testimonies, without requiring the WAIRC to run additional cabling or make costly infrastructure changes. Plus, Tesira made it very simple to customize settings to accommodate the acoustic dynamics of different rooms and meeting members.”

Biamp_WAIRC Courtroom_Low resPart of Biamp’s family of network management systems, the Tesira SERVER runs both CobraNet® and Dante™ simultaneously alongside AVB/TSN within a single Tesira SERVER-IO chassis. Transported over the WAIRC’s existing network infrastructure, media can be accessed more efficiently by sharing processing power and networking resources. Using Tesira’s EX-Logic boxes, the installation was also able to integrate existing systems while Biamp’s Tesira EX-MOD modular expanders enabled remote placement of input and output capabilities throughout the location. Producing incredibly high-quality audio, the installation was awarded full Class A STI certification.

Biamp_WAIRC Courtroom 3“Courtrooms and tribunals are looking to upgrade their AV capabilities in order to maximize the potential of today’s collaboration trends,” said Jim Seretis, consultant liaison and business development manager at Biamp Systems. “Using our networked media systems portfolio, facilities can easily incorporate distributed audio capabilities, conferencing applications, or centralized management capabilities that communicate over existing resources. The highly customizable Tesira platform integrates into any AV ecosystem, facilitates system administration for staff, and can be adapted to meet the needs of any future expansion requirements.”