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Model: Devio DTM-1

The Devio DTM-1 is an advanced beam-forming microphone suitable for use with Devio CR-1 feature-rich conferencing system.
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JD Sound & Video Provides Community Loudspeaker Solutions for Calvary Church
Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2017
JD Sound & Video Provides Community Loudspeaker Solutions for Calvary Church

Started 60 years ago by a small group of ordinary people coming together, Calvary Church has thrived and grown into a much-valued part of the multi-cultural community in Dover, Kent County, Delaware. As its congregation has grown, so has the construction and development of its buildings and its audio has recently been updated to meet the church’s current and future needs. 

For its new systems, Calvary Church sought quotes from a number of companies before commissioning the services of AV integration specialist, JD Sound & Video. Joe DiSabatino, president and lead design engineer of JD Sound & Video explained, “Audio was required in both the main sanctuary and a basement room. We knew Community loudspeakers would provide the best solution for both areas, so arranged a demo to enable the church to hear the systems and be completely satisfied before the project went ahead.”

“In the main sanctuary we used two Community IP8-1153 high power 15-inch three-way loudspeakers, complemented by two IS8-118 18-inch subwoofers for low frequency extension and impact,” continued DiSabatino. “Here the system is required to provide excellent intelligibility for speech and powerful full-range quality for music. The church frequently has a full band, including keyboard, drums and up to eight vocalists, so the system also has to deliver high levels. With the IP8-1153’s bi-amped, the system is driven by QSC amplifiers and delivers ample power with plenty of headroom.” 

In the basement the loudspeakers were required to flank an 80-inch Sharp LCD monitor, so JD Sound & Video chose two E SERIES ENT212 two-way compact column point source loudspeakers, supplemented by two VLF208LV dual 8-inch large volume compact subwoofers. As well as being an ideal aesthetic solution for the screen, the wide horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion of the ENT212 provide ideal coverage for the room. DiSabatino commented, “The basement room is used for both pre-recorded material and for a live feed from the main sanctuary, so the quality had to be of the same high standard for speech and music.”

“In addition to delivering quality sound and power, we know we can rely on Community and QSC for reliability and have provided a system that will meet the church’s needs for many years to come,” concludes DiSabatino.