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Biamp makes the world's most extraordinary audio and video solutions, delivering, managing and enhancing professional audio and video for the most effective and natural communications possible. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Model: Modena Hub

Modena Hub Wireless USB connects your UC software with the rooms AV equipment, enabling attendees to wirelessly participate in remote conferencing. Every laptop, tablet, or mobile device can both shar
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Let Biamp improve your next conference call
Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dreading your next conference call? Biamp can help.

With Biamp, there’s a better way: our Beamtracking™ microphones. Hear for yourself at InfoComm 2018 Booth C1954.

Use Biamp Beamtracking Microphones.
You can’t have a successful conference call if everyone can’t hear. Only Biamp Beamtracking microphones deliver clear, natural sounding audio for far-end participants in all conditions. Even better, they’re easy to install and commission.

Give your colleagues time to prepare.
If there is information to be reviewed, send it out beforehand so people can come prepared with their questions and comments. There aren't many things that are a bigger waste of time than sitting in a room reading together — or worse, having to read a document aloud to the group. It was terrifying in primary school and it's terrifying now.
Set an agenda.
Set an agenda and stick to it. Your colleagues are juggling multiple projects, but the meeting is intended to get everyone focused on the same thing, together. This is valuable time and you want to get the most out of it. Do this part well and it'll be surprisingly easy to determine the next steps for your project.


Contact your Biamp sales representative to schedule a live demo or visit us at InfoComm Booth C1954 to hear these products in action! 

Model: Parlé TCM-1A Pendant Microphone