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EZPro Chooses EZPro Chooses Community IV6 Arrays for Warm Welcome Spectacular Community IV6 Arrays for Warm Welcome Spectacular
Posted on Monday, March 25, 2019
EZPro Chooses EZPro Chooses Community IV6 Arrays for Warm Welcome Spectacular Community IV6 Arrays for Warm Welcome Spectacular

Top Chinese names from their respective fields were appointed to stage the large-scale lighting and fireworks art performance entitled A Warm Welcome to Friends from Afar. Director Zhang Yimou, stage designer Sha XiaoLan, sound engineer Jin Shaogang and music producer Laozai, supported by sound specialist EZPro, delivered the spectacular performance at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held in Qingdao, China. The summit was chaired by the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, who welcomed leaders from SCO member countries around the world.

EZPro handled the setup, commissioning and operation of the sound system, meeting the challenges of design and build in the show area that was adjacent to the sea. EZPro sound engineer and international project manager, Zheng Lungang, explained, “The system was installed for two months of typical seaside weather. The environment was a real test for a sound system to withstand, with large temperature changes, high humidity, high salinity and strong sea winds.”

To ensure system stability and reliability, the EZPro team collated Qingdao weather data for the previous three years, including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, humidity and salinity. Consequently, the climate could be fully considered when the system was designed and devices chosen. “We also needed to choose the ideal loudspeakers for uniform coverage of the audience area, while providing the best perspectives for CCTV’s official television broadcasting and allowing an unobstructed view for the audience,” Zheng added.

EZPro chose all-weather versions of Community’s new IV6 modular vertical array as the optimum solution. The system was designed utilizing IV6-1122WR wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements and IV6-118SWR subwoofers. Two arrays, ground-stacked either side of the audience area, provided the main system. Two further arrays were installed as a subsystem in front of the audience seating. Zheng observed, “The arrays worked seamlessly together to provide full coverage with really spatial stereo effects.”

Ma Cong, EZPro’s product manager, added, “Community applies an advanced material called PolyGlas™ to the enclosures and this provides extreme resistance to moisture and salinity. The compact cabinets have a streamlined, premium appearance and are aesthetically very pleasing.”

In addition to the IV6 arrays, EZPro chose the all-weather Community R.15COAX as stage wedges. These were installed at 5 and 8.5 meter intervals to provide even coverage of high quality fold-back for the performers.

Location of the system control was another major problem to overcome, as Zheng explained, “Since there was no spare space in the show area for installation of a control room, we set this up in a passenger ship on the water, 30 meters from the stage. The longest cabling distance was more than 300 meters, much further than normal for such an event. Cable safety was a great challenge due to unstable tides and movement of the ship.”

Zheng concluded, “Despite all of the difficulties, EZPro’s experienced engineers were able to overcome all of the challenges and provide a system that worked flawlessly, delivering great sound for this impressive event.”


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