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How Huddle Rooms Bring People Together
Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work. But as remote working becomes an increasingly common aspect of modern workplaces, it can become more difficult for employees on the far-end of the conversation to feel included, especially when it comes to spontaneous brainstorm sessions between onsite team members. Additionally, this distance can make these same onsite team members feel less connected to those working outside the main office.

That’s where huddle rooms come in.


Think about a football huddle: every team member literally putting their heads together to come up with a strategy or solution. Immediacy is key. The same philosophy applies to huddle rooms, which should serve as spaces small groups can use to tackle a problem (pun intended), including those working remotely.

Unlike larger, more formal meeting spaces that need to be reserved, huddle rooms are to be used as-needed and when-needed. When inspiration strikes, you don’t want the flow of creativity to be interrupted by having to wait several hours for a space to open.


We’ve all been in meetings where our inclusion, however appreciated, isn’t necessary. A great thing about huddle rooms is that only employees essential to a project can be involved by design, allowing participants to focus their efforts on a single matter instead of being distracted by topics or projects that require little or none of their attention. This can be particularly beneficial for remote workers who may be calling in from other countries that are several hours ahead or behind the meeting time in the main office. With a huddle room conversation, they can pop in and out for just the amount of time that requires their presence.


For remote employees, calling in for meetings mostly involving onsite colleagues can leave some feeling disconnected. Fortunately, huddle rooms avoid any feelings of being left out by making those at the far-end feel like they’re in the same physical space with the other stakeholders…at least as much as possible.

Another advantage of these smaller spaces? Less attendees can mean a greater willingness to speak up. For many, sharing thoughts in front of a large team can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience. The intimacy of huddle rooms can alleviate the pressure some might feel in a larger group, allowing them to speak freely and share their viewpoint without feeling as though all eyes are on them.  

Nothing beats the experience of hunkering down with teammates to figure out a solution to a problem. Whether just working from home or across the globe, huddle rooms provide local and remote employees alike with the opportunity to collaborate in ways that forge strong, fruitful collaborations, and which make everyone at an organization, regardless of their geographic location, feel like a part of the team. Andddd break!