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Modena Hub Wireless USB connects your UC software with the rooms AV equipment, enabling attendees to wirelessly participate in remote conferencing via laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
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The "Magic" in Magic Cable
Posted on Sunday, February 21, 2021

Feb. 21, 2021 - Hanging loudspeakers is a time-consuming and tiring job, especially ceiling loudspeakers. Any time you're working on a ladder or above your head, your body experiences more physical stress from maintaining balance. Back muscles are also affected, as holding and installing a ceiling loudspeaker basically doubles as an upper body exercise.

Hanging pendant loudspeakers can prove particularly difficult. You've got additional steps for prepping and attaching support cables, not to mention trying to consistently hang the loudspeakers at the same height. And dressing the cable afterwards to make it appear smooth is an artform unto itself.

That's where Biamp's Magic Cable comes in.

Designed to reduce installation time, Magic Cable is a composite cable that can be used with all our Desono pendant loudspeakers. Comprised of two aircraft cables, two audio cables jacketed separately, and two ripcords for slicing through the cable jackets tool-free, Magic Cable is pre-terminated inside the Desono P6 and P6-SM pendants to ensure no exposed connections at the loudspeaker. The cable is pre-dressed in an outer jacket, eliminating the need to smooth out any cable kinks for a presentable appearance post-installation.

But the magic doesn't end there. We include toolless connectors for both structural and audio connections with every Desono pendant loudspeaker. Griplock connectors provide a secure anchor for the aircraft cables while making it easy to adjust the loudspeaker hang height, and Scotchlok connectors are provided to make audio connections at the deck without requiring wire stripping. Just insert the unstripped conductors into the connector and push down the top to make a secure, durable electrical connection (including connections for daisy chains).

To recap, here are the major benefits of Magic Cable:

  • Significantly reduces pendant loudspeaker installation time
  • Eliminates precision work (i.e. wire stripping) at the top of a ladder
  • Allows the installer to comfortably carry the loudspeaker one-handed (while keeping their other hand safely on the ladder)
  • Reduces the number of tools needed for installation
  • Eliminates the need to dress the cable

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