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Biamp makes the world's most extraordinary audio and video solutions, delivering, managing and enhancing professional audio and video for the most effective and natural communications possible. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

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Crowd Mics™ is a unique audience engagement tool that puts a microphone in everyone’s pocket. It enables seamless audience participation by eliminating the need to pass a microphone around the room.
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Biamp Introduces Tesira®, The Next Generation Networked Media System With AVB
Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15, 2011 — Innovative new system offers smart scalability and features that provide even more effective design

ORLANDO, Florida — Today Biamp Systems opens the InfoComm 2011 show by introducing its newest networked media system: Tesira®. Tesira is a highly scalable media system for digital audio networking using Audio Video Bridging (AVB) as the primary digital media transport. Tesira changes the scale of possibilities for the way communications systems are designed, installed and experienced, affording integrators, distributors and consultants a new world of configuration options based on IT infrastructure

Unlike most DSP-based media systems, Tesira is an enterprise-wide solution made up of intelligent network modules that share and boost performance. It is equipped with modular scalable inputs and outputs, DSPs and networked end-points, providing system design capabilities for unlimited scenarios, including Centralized, Distributed and Hybrid type applications. Integrators have the option of customizing Tesira with up to 8 DSP-2s , for a total of 16 DSPs, in a single chassis, with up to 420 by 420 audio channels over a scalable digital media backbone (AVB).

"Tesira represents the next generation design from Biamp and embodies our company's legacy of innovation and commitment to the highest quality products possible," said Steve Metzger, President, Biamp Systems. "Tesira is unlike anything seen by the industry. We believe it represents a huge leap forward in the progression of our networked media systems concept, and we're excited for our customers to put their hands on it for the first time. This product challenges conventional thinking about design and scalability, and to say that I'm excited about it would be an understatement."

Breakthrough Design Methodology
Tesira software provides easy configurability and greater expansion potential with partitions and Biamp's unique compilation engine. Partitions greatly improve programming efficiency by allowing for system configuration in a phased or "partitioned" approach, minimizing the time spent redrawing and compiling. Ideal for systems that require a higher level of scalability, partitions afford the ability to configure, update or maintain distinct sections of a system without affecting those that are currently in use, and without having to reconfigure the entire system.

The Biamp compilation engine automatically creates the digital audio transport connections and automated hardware specifications needed to complete a system design. This added level of design sophistication reduces the potential for costly errors, saving time and hardware costs. The compilation engine performs a number of operations in a matter of seconds — from checking that the design is complete, to determining the most cost-effective list of Biamp hardware required, to finally documenting the necessary system interconnects to ensure proper, stable operation.

AVB – The Next Generation in Digital Media Transport
At the heart of this new design methodology is AVB (Audio Video Bridging). AVB bridges the gap between AV and IT by providing the first open, industry-accepted standards (IEEE 802) for transporting audio and video over the network. Using AVB as the primary media transport technology, Tesira is able to synchronize multiple streams of audio and video and eliminate buffering delays while also creating resource reservation. This ensures that integrators have a single, dedicated network for all media, including AVB and non-AVB traffic.

Enhanced Intelligibility
Tesira features Biamp's new SpeechSense™ Technology and AmbientSense™ Technology, each designed to enhance speech processing by more accurately distinguishing between human speech and ambient noise. This allows Biamp's exceptional algorithms — including acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), ambient noise compensation (ANC), and automatic mixers — to perform even more efficiently.

"We have to continue pushing the boundaries of networked media systems," said Matt Czyzewski, Vice President of Business Development, Biamp Systems. "If we don't, then our products, company and industry will never evolve and realize its full potential. The AVNU Alliance and the AVB standard that has been developed is a great example of the innovation that's alive and thriving among the companies in our business, and Tesira will help AV and IT professionals alike fully realize the power of truly networked systems. This is Biamp ingenuity and creativity manifested and we can't wait to see how our customers can also innovate with this product."

Tesira will begin shipping in January 2012 and will be backed by Biamp's award-winning customer support and the only five-year warranty in the industry. Biamp will begin offering Tesira training sessions in late 2011.