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Education AV Solutions Ready For Bid Season
Posted on Thursday, March 6, 2014
Education AV Solutions Ready For Bid Season
I’ve been judging high school speech events on Saturdays lately. For the unfamiliar, speech is an extracurricular activity for students to deliver oral presentations in various categories. It’s a great way for students to develop important public speaking skills. My wife and I don’t have any connection to the schools involved. We just enjoy helping. In an age of #YOLO, rampant selfies, and other embarrassing teen behavior, judging speech re-instills in me a hope for the future of mankind. If the teens that show up to speech events end up in charge of the country, I’ll be just fine with that.
Another side bonus of traveling to local schools every weekend to judge for 8 hours is the opportunity to see education AV solutions from Chief in action.
It also becomes a fascinating look into today’s classroom. Motivational posters, desks, file cabinets and bookshelves are largely the same as they have always been. The technology though…
My small high school had AV carts for reel-to-reel projectors and huge, rolling boxy cabinets that held CRT televisions with VCRs. Today’s classrooms still often have CRT displays hanging from the walls or ceiling in boxy contraptions, but flat screens are beginning to make their way into these spaces.
Chief is ready with mounting solutions to accommodate the latest projectors, white boards and flat screen displays. For schools that have to stretch tech budgets between classrooms, we have mobile solutions.
Chief’s Fusion carts are compatible with SMART™ education displays like the E70 and 8000 series interactive flat panels. You can help your customers maximize their investment in interactive technology by converting static flat panels into mobile, easily shared resources.
The aesthetic design and smooth mobility of Fusion series carts are ideal for educational environments, and Chief’s full line of supporting accessories helps tailor the perfect solution for your next bid project.
Take a look for yourself at Chief’s education AV solutions including our interactive solutions for the classroom. Chief quotes are turned around fast. We stay with you before, during and after the quote process and will supply you with literature, videos and configurators to help you answer questions and close deals.
You can submit AV equipment quote requests faster than ever right from your smartphone. Quotes for our range of great solutions for education including carts, stands, interactive solutions and more can now be completed wherever you are.
Bonus video – Chief’s Mike Moon demonstrates the speed of Chief whiteboard mounts for classroom applications.