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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.
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Bring the full multi-camera switching experience to hybrid meetings
Posted on Friday, November 18, 2022
Bring the full multi-camera switching experience to hybrid meetings

Nov. 18, 2022 - Automate™ VX voice-activated speaker-tracking solution enables remote participants to engage more naturally and fully.

Hybrid meetings are more effective and productive when remote participants feel as engaged as in-person participants. The 1 Beyond Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution helps make that a reality, enabling remote participants to see the essential non-verbal cues that inform a conversation. And it's easy to design into rooms of different sizes and layouts – even high value spaces and challenging meeting spaces for which you couldn't previously find a speaker tracking solution.

Follow the conversation

The Automate VX solution's intelligent software interprets information from the in-room microphones, directs a camera to focus on whoever's speaking, and then switches to that camera, so remote participants can key-in on the speaker's non-verbal cues, such as gestures, expressions, body language, and eye contact. 

Multiple in-room cameras (up to 12) provide a smooth and natural remote experience with quick, clean cuts between speakers. Even better, built-in noise delay eliminates unnecessary switching due to noise, coughs, or short utterances in the room.

Beyond switching between microphones, the software can also leverage intelligence built into beam-tracking microphones to provide many accurate positions in the room (all the way down to an individual seat) and take advantage of voice detection features to refine the experience even further.  

Visualize how the room works

Using the simple Intelligent Video Room Designer tool, which overlays cameras and microphones on a room's floor plan, you can graphically see how the cameras and microphones are going to interact before the design is deployed.

Shot Visualization shows which cameras are matched to which position in the room and the angle and width of the shots. You can even visualize the shot for when no one is speaking (Default Shot) and easily differentiate between standard PTZ cameras and AutoTracker presenter tracking cameras in the space.

Easy to design for any room

Whether it's a conference room, active learning space or high-profile boardroom, the process is the same. Simply upload a scaled floor plan, place mics and cameras, match positions in the room to cameras, and then set shot widths.

Room Designer's Proximity Check feature alerts you if positions in the room can't be differentiated or are too far from the microphone. And the ability to copy camera settings and shot widths across multiple positions in the room at once makes the design process even easier.

Automated deployment

While Room Designer makes room design simple, it makes deployment even easier. Camera movements are calculated on the fly by matching where the audio is coming from in the room to the room design. No need to set presets, which drastically reduces setup time.

Once deployed, the responsive Live Mode brings up the room design and allows easy adjustments to shot angles and widths. Move a position in the room and the camera angle is updated in real-time.

Go beyond speaker tracking

In addition to being able to show multiple sources during auto-switching (layouts) and titling, you can customize what's seen when you're not auto-switching. For example, you can combine multiple sources and direct cameras to specific positions. Sample applications include showing your logo over a black screen; a multi-view of all cameras facing a common location; a picture-in-picture of a presenter; or a shot of a whiteboard. You can even use a simple drop-down to set Sleep/Wake behaviors.