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Crestron offers the only complete end-to-end solution with a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron not only connects and controls devices; we integrate and automate all the building systems to provide a connected experience. We deliver integrated solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting and climate control making wiring and installations easier and promoting system integrity.
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Crestron Unveils the Most Powerful Single Gang Touch Screen For Home and Building Control
Posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In the Space of a Light Switch, TPMC-3SM and TPMC-3SMD Lets You Control Your Home or Building With a Tap of Your Finger


Rockleigh, NJ, December 20, 2011 – Crestron today announced that its new line of petite 2.8" touch screens is now shipping. Available in two models, the TPMC-3SM and TPMC-3SMD provide the same complete control functionality as the larger TPMC-4SM line, while offering a discreet, stylish and affordable way to add the latest Crestron control technology into your home or corporate setting. Easily installed on a single gang wall box, the TPMC-3SM enables users convenience of one-touch control of lights, climate, home theaters, multiroom audio, and more, while remaining virtually invisible.


"TPMC-3SM consolidates every controller you have into a beautiful, ultra-modern device, yet it's affordable, and simple enough for anyone to use," said Sean Goldstein, Crestron VP of Marketing. "Remove all the unattractive wall acne such as multiple switches, dimmers, thermostats, and even the several remotes you're always looking for, and in a fraction of the wall space you can control virtually every system in your home."


Enterprise network room scheduling with TPMC-3SM

TPMC-3SM works with Crestron Fusion RV™ software to deliver a powerful room scheduling solution for office buildings and other large facilities. Installed outside the entrance to every meeting room, the bright 2.8" LCD display provides an immediate view of each room's availability. Look up the calendar for any room on the network and reserve the room right on-the-spot. Network room scheduling across the enterprise has never been easier.


With a just few button presses, TPMC-3SM lets users book conference rooms using popular scheduling platforms such as Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, and R25®. Simply select the room location, meeting time and AV presentation resources needed, and equipment will be warmed up and ready to use when the instructor arrives. Scheduling conflicts are eliminated and instructors can begin presentations promptly, without worrying about room availability or "setting up" AV gear.


Additional pushbuttons provide one-touch access to commonly used functions. The "Today" button jumps to the current day view, while the "Close" button quickly closes the currently displayed page. Touching "Select" button provides a quick way to view a meeting's details, or select a time slot to reserve a room. "Down" and "Up" buttons enable fast scrolling through the day's schedule. Dual-color green and red buttons give passersby a clear indication of a room's status at-a-glance.


Home Control with TPMC-3SMD

For homeowners, the integrated home technology experience has never been this simple and cool. TPMC-3SMD enables customizable touch screen graphics and icons for controlling lights, temperature, home theater, multiroom audio, security cameras, iTunes® libraries and more. With a tap on the color screen, any home control feature you desire is fast, fun and easy. Built-in streaming video lets you monitor security cameras and see what's playing on your Blu-ray player, media server or cable TV. Browse through playlists and internet radio stations while viewing cover art and song information.


Additional pushbuttons give you even more control on tap. Adjust audio volume, scroll through movie titles and TV channels, set temperature and lighting levels in every room. Two backlit hard key buttons may be assigned to access your choice of control pages on the touch screen, or to control audio/video system power and room lighting with a single press.


"Whether in the home or corporate environment, the new 3SM line gives homeowners, companies, architects and interior designers the best of both worlds," said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology. "It combines the most our powerful touch screen control capabilities into a compact, gorgeous device that's less than three inches long. People will be amazed at what this little device can do."


Installation is simple, clean and hassle-free. An Ethernet connection from your home network or corporate LAN is all that's needed to wire both models. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring, which allows greater mounting flexibility in both new construction and retrofits.