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New HDMI Input Capabilities for DVPHD Now Available
Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Featuring onboard HDMI, DVPHD-4 and DVPHD-8 lets you control, display and annotate in true HD




Rockleigh, NJ, March 5, 2013 – Crestron today began shipping the next generation of its DVPHD multi-window video processor and annotator, the all-in-one high definition multimedia presentation system for command centers, boardrooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, and home theaters. The award-winning DVPHD is the only multi-window digital video processor that provides the versatility of fully-customizable graphics, touch screen room control, advanced HDCP management, and complete HD annotation capabilities in one easily-installed rack mount solution.


Now, for the first time, the DVPHD features HDMI® inputs to natively support up to eight HDCP digital sources at once. Each input includes "pass through" so you don't need additional HDMI distribution amplifiers to feed an audio processor.




The latest HDMI input capabilities are available in two pre-configured models: the DVPHD-8, which features four HDMI® and four DVI-I or the DVPHD-4, which features two HDMI and two DVI-I video inputs. Additionally, DVPHD models may be customized using the online DVPHD configuration tool.




“Whether your application is military, corporate, education or retail, today's content is all digital HD,” said Sean Goldstein, Crestron VP of Marketing. “The DVPHD is the most versatile, easy-to-use, full-featured solution to display the content you want, how you want it, when you want it and to collaborate with whomever you want.”




Whether conducting a boardroom meeting, command operation, training seminar, classroom lecture, digital signage application, or other presentation, DVPHD lets you display multiple HD content sources on multiple video windows, keeping your audience engaged and informed. DVPHD displays up to 8 full-motion video windows on any high-resolution monitor, projector, film screen, or flat panel display. DVPHD supports a full range of input signal types including HDMI, DVI and HD-SDI, plus standard resolutions, and handles high-definition digital video with HDCP and Deep Color with resolutions up to 1080p60 or 1080i30, and 1920x1200 computer images.




Display, view, annotate and collaborate in real-time. HD video windows can be configured on fly, positioned and sized anywhere onscreen by dragging the window, or save up to 255 preset configurations for rapid recall. The onboard graphics engine enables labeling each window, displaying logos for branding, or messaging for digital signage. Dynamic scrolling of RSS feeds keeps viewers up to date on the latest news, traffic, stocks or scores.




Taking image processing to new heights, the 24-bit graphics engine also lets you create dramatic visual effects and other useful data including your choice of background textures, full color images, and other design elements. Use dynamic graphics and text, crawling text, pop-up windows, animations, and multimode objects to deliver your message with clarity, style, and hi-tech professionalism.




Built-in scaling delivers the perfect image on any display. Whether viewing a single full-screen image or multiple windows with graphics, DVPHD automatically scales content perfectly to match your display's native resolution regardless of the display size. Guidebar® technology gives presenters complete control of the entire presentation environment from a single touch screen. Onscreen all the time, yet visible only to the presenter, Guidebar provides quick access to essential annotation tools and button touch room controls for AV sources, audio volume, lighting and shades.




Engage your audience with live interaction directly on the presentation screen. Only DVPHD allows you to annotate in real-time over any high-definition video image, allowing presenters to do all sorts of cool things onscreen. Freeze moving images to allow pinpoint annotation over a still picture, or annotate over two or more different sources at once for easy side-by-side comparison of multiple related images. A large selection of brush sizes and colors lets presenters illustrate their point clearly and neatly. DVPHD is available with (DVPHD-GB), or without Guidebar. To configure a DVPHD-GB with input and output cards, use the online DVPHD-GB Configuration Tool.




DVPHD is also ideal for digital signage applications in commercial spaces and in mega media rooms for the ultimate sports fan who likes to view multiple games on a big screen. DVPHD is compatible with Crestron V-Panel HD Touch Screen Displays and integrates seamlessly with Crestron DigitalMedia systems.