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Large Touch Panel

Model: LCD Touch Screen Panels

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Optical technology uses two or more camera-like optical lenses placed around the edges of the screen that detect touch. These touch screens can be made very large and are very durable. With this unique technology the "touch" actually registers just before the physical touch on the screen. This technology is growing in popularity, due to its scalability and versatility, which is especially critical with large LCD touch screens. Dispersive Signal Technology as engineered by 3M involves the measurement of bending waves (vibrations) that propagate out in all directions when the screen is touched. Piezo sensors located in the corners of the substrate apply a proprietary algorithm that quickly calculates the touch location. The rate of detection is so fast that a user can touch the screen several times in rapid succession and each touch will register immediately and accurately. Horizon Display integrates DST technology behind the original OEM stock bezel. No overlays are necessary with Horizon Display touch screen integrations. Horizon Display's engineering capabilities allow them to design and manufacture a bezel that fits around both the original substrate and touch screen panel, creating the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile touch monitor on the market today.
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