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Retailers Depend on Premier Mounts to Create Unique, In-Store Customer Experiences
Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Retailers Depend on Premier Mounts to Create Unique, In-Store Customer Experiences


Large retailers across the country face a challenge: their customers’ attention is constantly being pulled away from the shelves: their child is crying, someone is texting them, and there’s a Pokemon in aisle 5 that needs to be caught. More than ever before, retailers have to compete to re-capture their customers’ attention in brick and mortar locations. A popular and compelling solution is to create unique, immersive in-store customer experiences to ensure shoppers are engaging with the brand when they are in store, and most likely to buy. Premier Mounts drives retailer sales by facilitating these unique in-store customer experiences through innovative mounting solutions.

Despite the rise of e-commerce, for many brands, the physical retail location is the crux of driving shopper consideration. Customers are drawn to in-store digital experiences and far more likely to engage with advertised product. As enterprise retail makes digital display a critical part of the in-store marketing strategy, there’s a heavy demand for technology to support it.

With over 40 years of experience, Premier Mounts is a leader in the innovation of digital display mounting solutions designed to maximize customer experience. Touch-screens and interactive displays allow businesses to converse with their customer-base, inviting much-sought-after feedback. Through supporting the installation of immersive, interactive displays in brick-and-mortar retail locations, Premier Mounts is helping large retailers remain at the top of their customers’ crowded minds.

We work in tandem with major display manufacturers and customers across the globe to design and deploy mounting solutions. Pre-deployment mock-ups, drawings, and tests to ensure your installation goes as seamlessly as possible. A consultative approach to design, taking into consideration the space between the structure and the device, guarantees a tailored solution. Our understanding of project rollout strategies allows for low to zero downtime, while minimized packaging means operators won’t fill up their dumpsters with large crates and boxes.

Award-winning, innovative products and unparalleled service has made Premier Mounts the vanguard in mounting solutions. We take pride in joining with our partners in close collaboration to help them create video displays that surpass even their wildest imagination.