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Sound Control Technologies

Sound Control Technologies manufactures audio and video Middleware products for conferencing and presentation spaces. Products include: RC2™, RC4™, RC5™, RC6™, RC7™, RC8™ and RTK™ solutions.


Sound Control Technologies’ RC-CUBBY-MINI™ mount is an all-metal solution with back box and bezel. The mount becomes solution specific with a mounting plate custom designed for the Cisco Room Mini.
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Sound Control Technologies announces release of RemoteCam2-Director
Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sound Control Technologies is shipping the RemoteCam2-Director.  This interface product makes it easier than ever to install remote Polycom EagleEye Director camera tracking systems!  The RemoteCam2-Director offers a unified electronics platform for cost effective remote camera installations.  This system offered in popular kit form, provides high quality support that includes a universal power supply, molded labeled cable sets and interface electronics.  The only cables the installation team needs to run are two Cat5 cables to accomplish video, power, control, ir as well as the 2 audio channels required for camera positioning!