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tvONE's CORIO®master mini Powers Real-Time Video Windmill at ISE
Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2014
The industry's first compact all-in-one videowall processor
Erlanger, KY , January 16, 2014— tvONE (,a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video processing equipment, will exhibit at ISE 2014 an unprecedented display of real-time video manipulation with the CORIO®master mini.
The technological marvel, coined "The Real-Time Video Windmill," features a rotating array of four 46" flat panel displays showing video that maintains a stable horizon even as the displays rotate 360° in real-time. Video sources will include live showroom floor video as well as compelling streaming media. To showcase its full potential, the CORIOmaster mini will alternate between displaying a stable horizon while displays rotate, rotating video in sync with the displays, or counter-rotating video in the opposite direction of the rotating displays.
tvONE's CORIOmaster mini enables a range of video manipulation tasks to be performed simultaneously, including real-time 360° video rotations and multi-projector edge blending. It is the industry's first videowall processor to fit up to 12 High Density Universal DVI or 10 HDBaseT and 2 High Density Universal DVI ports in a compact 1RU frame, controlling full-scale 3x3 videowalls without a rack's worth of discrete video components.
Commenting, Steven Mattingly, President, tvONE said, "Our vision in creating the Video Windmill was to set users minds free to imagine. Even highly challenging, processor intensive actions like rotating high resolution video smoothly around an axis are easy within the compass of this very small but very powerful unit. We'd like to encourage our customers to dream big and push CORIOmaster to its absolute limit. Like its big brother, the mini achieves stunning performance through the patented tvONE Parallel Processing Architecture."
Come experience the industry-leading power of the CORIO family at the tvONE booth # 4-R62.