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tvONE showcases future warping capabilities at InfoComm
Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2014
ERLANGER, KY, June 17, 2014 - tvONE (, a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video processing equipment, is demonstrating new video warping features in its award winning CORIOmaster video wall processors at InfoComm, Booth N926.
Playing off last year's technological marvel, coined "The Real-Time Video Windmill," tvONE is featuring a NEW mini windmill that showcases CORIOmaster's anticipated warping capability. The new mini windmill wall features four 24" flat panel displays showing video that maintains a stable horizon even as the displays rotate 360° in real-time. In addition, two side monitors that are mounted angled away from the flat wall showcases the warping ability. The physical exhibit is 3 dimensional, but the warping power makes the image look flat and undistorted. Hard to understand? Come see it live to witness all the processing power needed to accomplish this. 
In addition to the windmill display, the CORIOmaster is also driving two other walls that are designed to show how easily CORIOmaster handles irregular designs. This system in not restricted by display size, resolution or orientation. Also, the CORIOmaster can handle nearly any signal type, and it can convert and scale varied combinations of signals simultaneously. This is all accomplished with a video delay of 2 or less frames. 
Commenting, Steven Mattingly, President, tvONE said, "Our vision in creating the Video Windmill was to set users minds free to imagine. Even highly challenging, processor intensive actions like rotating high resolution video smoothly around an axis are easy within the compass of this very small but very powerful unit. We'd like to encourage our customers to dream big and push CORIOmaster to its absolute limit."
Come experience the processing power of the CORIOmaster at the tvONE booth N926.