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DVI + Audio over Single Cat.6 Cable Extension Solution from tvONE
Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014
DVI + Audio over Single Cat.6 Cable Extension Solution from tvONE
ERLANGER, KY, July 11, 2014 - tvONE (, a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, announced today the availability of a new series of DVI + Audio over single Cat.6 extension solution. 
The 1T-CT-550 system consists of a 1T-CT-551 Transmitter coupled with the 1T-CT-552 Receiver (each purchased separately), which employs HDBaseT 5Play™ technology to allow the transmission of uncompressed WUXGA (1920x1200) computer signals over a single Cat.5e or Cat.6 cable. Transmission of DVI-D video plus analog stereo audio is supported and the system will also allow HDMI signal transmission with the use of appropriate DVI to HDMI cable adapters.
Utilizing HDBaseT technology, the 1T-CT-551/1T-CT-552 system can achieve signal distribution distances of up to 100 meters (325 feet) for uncompressed WUGXA signals without signal degradation. Control signals can be transmitted (Ethernet, Infrared or RS-232) and PoH (Power over HDBaseT) technology is employed to allow powering of the Receiver from a PoH supporting Transmitter (1T-CT-551, 1T-CT-653, MX-8488), negating the need for a separate power supply for that unit.
The 1T-CT-551 and 1T-CT-552 are readily available and shipping worldwide.