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tvONE's MultiView AK600 & AK1200 - Now UL Certified & Manufactured in the UK
Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
tvONE's MultiView AK600 & AK1200 - Now UL Certified & Manufactured in the UK

ERLANGER, KY, July 7, 2015 - tvONE is pleased to announce the release of the UL certification for its AK600 & AK1200, two receivers within the well-known Magenta, MultiView product line, which is known for combining the industry’s longest distance reach over UTP (2,000 feet), with crisp high-definition video reproduction across a variety of configuration options.


In addition to its new UL certification, both the AK600 & AK1200 are now being manufactured in the UK along with several other Magenta components. Including the Mondo Matrix, the XRTX transmitter with local monitor out and the DVI TX and RX – capable of extending Digital 1080p 60 Video with audio and bi-directional serial 1000 feet.


Both the AK600 & AK1200 are compatible with all MultiView building block components, including the Mondo Matrix, and supports the extension of 1920x1200 resolution video from 1 to 600ft/183m or 1 to 1200ft/366m, depending on the unit used. The AK600 & AK1200 receivers boasts improved sync management and handling, streamlined fourth pair options (for audio and/or serial), and an all external configuration scheme that gives users total control over the unit. As a result, these products are easier to set up and adjust and even better at replicating 1080p (and higher) high-resolution video.


In addition, the built-in daisy chaining capability allows the AK600DP & AK1200 to be part of a chain of up to 12 compatible MultiView receivers.  With distance equalization based on patent pending Digitally Controlled, Complex State Variable Filter technology, the AK600DP & AK12000 delivers pristine image and sound quality across the entire supported distance range.


For ordering please see the new PNs below:


MultiView II VGA/analog 600ft Receiver


MultiView II VGA/analog 600ft Receiver with AkuComp II


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