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Magenta Endorses Mohawk Low-Skew Cable for Use With MultiView™ Product Line
Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Milford, CT - Magenta Research, a leading manufacturer of equipment for video, audio and serial signal distribution plus switching over UTP cable or fiber, has endorsed Mohawk’s Spectrum Low Skew UTP cable for use with its MultiView Series product line.

The approval follows rigorous in-house testing of Mohawk’s cable with a wide range of Magenta manufactured signal distribution systems; products that concurrently pass analog video, stereo audio and duplex RS-232 signals on a single cable. The Mohawk cable facilitated the transmission and reception of exceptionally strong and consistent signals, even over a single 2,000-foot length of cable.

This latest endorsement continues Magenta’s long-standing commitment to offering its customers a cabling choice when implementing long-distance signal transmission over UTP. For situations when cabling is already installed and cannot be changed without a large capital expenditure, Magenta offers an optional hardware delay compensation (Aku Comp II) that is integrated into long distance MultiView receivers.

For applications where cable can be specified ahead of time, the Mohawk cable enables users to forego employing Aku Comp II without compromising signal quality.

Mohawk Spectrum low skew cable is available in plenum (#M58814) and non-plenum (#M58813) versions that fit all categories of application types, from commercial to residential. Both cables also comply with EU-RoHS directive regulations.

“The cable was designed to deliver the uncompromising signal quality and clarity that have been demanded from Magenta’s products and the rigorous tests they perform,” stated Joe Barry, Mohawk’s Manager of Specialty Products who is also the cable’s designer. “We know that distance and signal quality are the two most important criteria to the end user to ensure a reliable and versatile installation and that is exactly what these cables provide.”

“We ran Mohawk’s cable through a battery of tests,” explained Magenta Chief Scientist Chris Miller. “The end result was that it performed exceptionally well with Magenta’s MultiView products, even at 2,000 feet when used with Magenta’s flagship XR-2000 receiver. We endorse the use of Mohawk M58813 and M58814 as a MultiView cabling solution with no hesitations!”

About Magenta Research


Magenta Research is the industry-recognized leader in the adaptive distribution and switching of video/audio/control signals over CatX cable, DVI over fiber and/or Cat6 and more recently, HDMI over Cat6.  Over ten years, Magenta has developed the highest-performance, broadest and most flexible video-over-CatX product line, the MultiView™ Series.  The company utilizes proprietary technologies to enable WUXGA/1080p video distribution at 2,000 feet (610m).  MultiView Series transmitters, receivers, switchers and distributive systems have been installed in a large variety of A/V applications, especially dynamic signage for retail, airport, fast food, museum, casino, theatre, courtroom and corporate applications.  In 2005, Magenta introduced the Mondo Matrix, the first multimedia Cat5 matrix switcher that can be scaled incrementally from 16x16 to 256x512.  The Mondo has quickly become the new standard for larger-scale video plus audio and/or serial matrix switching.  In 2006, Magenta launched the Infinea DVI Series and an industry-first – unlimited DVI extension over optical fiber and/or Cat6 using digital signal repeaters at 10km of fiber or 600 ft. (183m) of Cat6. Based in Connecticut, USA, Magenta utilizes a network of international distributors, manufacturers’ representatives and resellers to market its enabling technology worldwide.

About Mohawk

Mohawk is headquartered in Leominster, Massachusetts, and has been providing fiber and copper cable innovations for over 50 years. Their headquartered location dedicates 250,000 square feet to today’s most advanced facilities for the design, development and production of copper, fiber optic, and specialty wire and cable including a line of professional HD broadcast camera cables. Mohawk, an ISO 9001 certified company, develops products to meet and support TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, ICEA and NEMA standards. As part of the global Belden operations, Mohawk is supported with worldwide management, financial resources, and distribution capabilities.