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World’s Best UTP Distribution Solution Just Got Better!
Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Milford, CT – Magenta Research, the recognized leader in video, audio and control signal distribution and switching over Cat5/CatX cable and optical fiber, is pleased to announce the public debut of its next-generation MultiView UTP receivers at this year’s InfoComm 2008.

Continuing the practice of providing receivers in varying distance tiers, a method first introduced by Magenta seven years ago, MultiView receivers are now offered in high-performance 600 foot, 1,200 foot and (an industry-best) 2,000 foot stages along with a value-priced 500 foot category.

“As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, Magenta is especially proud to unveil a restructured MultiView receiver line which was developed in direct response to customer needs,” stated Bob Michaels, Magenta Vice President. “The MultiView Series now boasts even higher performance over longer distances with lower price points.”

Magenta’s flagship XR-2000 offers 1920x1200 (1080p) resolution at 2,000 feet, with no repeaters or splitters needed! Audio or simplex serial options are standard.

AK600DP and AK1200DP receivers are rated for 1920x1200 (1080p) resolution video at their maximum respective distances. Audio or simplex serial options are included standard in these two receiver tiers as well.

MV500A and MV500S receivers serve up 1366x768 (720p) video resolution at 500 feet along with summed L/R audio and simplex/duplex serial respectively. When combined with an STx transmitter, MV500 Series receivers offer a lower cost-per-distance ratio from Magenta than ever before.

All AK and XR receivers are dual-port to enable daisy chaining of receivers and now also boast a single knob to adjust for both cable length and (optional) skew compensation (Aku Comp II with 65ns of skew compensation). –SA (video + stereo audio + duplex RS-232), -SAP video + stereo audio + addressable Duplex RS-232) and RS-232 options are also available in the 600, 1,200 and 2,000-foot receiver tiers.

The new MultiView line of receivers continues Magenta’s “building-block” approach to signal distribution by ensuring that all products work together while enabling “home-run” cabling and/or daisy chain distribution options. Legacy and next-generation products are fully compatible with each other as well as with all Magenta transmitters, distribution amplifiers and switches.

Visit Magenta in booth number N6362 at InfoComm to see all the latest products in action.

About Magenta Research


Magenta Research is the industry-recognized leader in the adaptive distribution and switching of video/audio/control signals over CatX cable, DVI over fiber and/or Cat6 and more recently, HDMI over Cat6.  Over ten years, Magenta has developed the highest-performance, broadest and most flexible video-over-CatX product line, the MultiView™ Series.  The company utilizes proprietary technologies to enable WUXGA/1080p video distribution at 2,000 feet (610m).  MultiView Series transmitters, receivers, switchers and distributive systems have been installed in a large variety of A/V applications, especially dynamic signage for retail, airport, fast food, museum, casino, theatre, courtroom and corporate applications.  In 2006, Magenta introduced the Mondo Matrix, the first multimedia Cat5 matrix switcher that can be scaled incrementally from 16x16 to 256x512.  The Mondo has quickly become the new standard for larger-scale video plus audio and/or serial matrix switching.  In 2006, Magenta launched the Infinea DVI Series and an industry-first – unlimited DVI extension over optical fiber and/or Cat6 using digital signal repeaters at 10km of fiber or 600 ft. (183m) of Cat6. Based in Connecticut, USA, Magenta utilizes a network of international distributors, manufacturers’ representatives and resellers to market its enabling technology worldwide.