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Distribute Digital Video more than 300 metres with new MultiView™ II Dual DVI Transmitter Card
Posted on Thursday, February 4, 2016

4th February 2016 - tvONE (, a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, announces its latest addition to the MultiView™ series, the new Dual DVI transmitter Morph-it card at ISE in Amsterdam (stand 1-M60).

The new MultiView™ II Dual DVI-Tx Morph-It Card is a dual digital video transmitter card that is compatible with the MVII-DVI-Rx-1k receiver, plus the entire MultiView™ family of distribution and switching products including the Mondo-III matrix switch and the Morph-It powered backplane. 

MultiView DVI's most exciting feature is its full backwards compatibility with Magenta's best-in-class UTP-based crosspoint switch, the Mondo Matrix. Combining MultiView DVI with a Mondo Matrix provides integrators with the ability to implement digital video when utilizing one of the largest switches in the world, as the Mondo is configurable in increments of 16 inputs and outputs, from 16x16 all the way to 256x512. 

"Where in the world can you find a way to extend uncompressed 1080p60 over 300 meters without Fibre?" asked Mark Armon, Product manager at tvONE, "Magenta is, and always has been, a clear leader for signal extension." 

For applications where multiple sources are located in close proximity, the Morph-it platform provides a modular and densely packed multi-transmitter chassis to eliminate the clutter of multiple devices, external power supplies and redundant cabling. Each transmitter card packs the equivalent of two transmitters and can deliver up to 32 transmitters in just 4U Morph-It Chassis, all powered by a single backplane and power cord. 

The Morph-It DVI Dual Transmitter Card is available in three variants; the MORPHIT-DVI-S/A, the MORPHIT-DVI-S/A-MON , and the MORPHIT-DVI-SAP and can be paired with every component in the MultiView building block system, including receivers, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers. When used with the appropriate receivers, Morph-It Dual DVI-TX cards deliver the world's longest UTP extension capability at the highest resolution, 1920x1200 at 2000ft/609m.