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tvONE presents the news at Kuwait TV Studio 160
Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

tvONE (, today announced that Kuwait TV has installed a CORIOmaster controlled video wall processor in a major news studio. The $120,000 video wall was built by Gulf Apps Technical Solutions, as part of an extensive refurbishment programme at the studios.

Kuwait TV, the official state-run television station appointed ATCO to carry out this refurbishment programme.  They in turn commissioned Gulf Apps to create a 12-screen video wall based on 55” diagonal screens in a 6x2 configuration as a backdrop to the presenters in Studio 160. This important studio is used daily for news and other broadcasts.  The video wall needed to be completely reliable, as the studio is used 24x7. A key requirement was that the set-up of the wall could be changed quickly and easily by studio staff without specialist training or knowledge.

Bashar Barsoum, CEO of Gulf Apps, said, “Studio 160 is a high profile installation, used five times per day for news broadcasts as well as for other programmes. We were impressed with the five year warranty offered as standard by tvONE on the CORIOmaster mini, which reflects their confidence in the reliability of their product. As a hardware only product, the CORIOmaster mini is exceptionally stable and easy to use – you just switch on and start working, there is no operating system to load.

Gulf Apps did the first time configuration of the CORIOmaster mini. It accepts a direct feed of content from the vision mixer via 4xHD/SDI inputs and delivers 1920x1080 full HD content to the screens on the wall via 8xDVI outputs.

The configurable presets were a particularly powerful feature, allowing the studio to change the format of the wall at will. At the press of a button, the screen can be changed to show one video on the whole wall or to show three different videos.

The news broadcast directors and staff of Kuwait Television said, “We are delighted that the wall is very easy to use and configure and very flexible. The new video wall is now an important part of our programming, and it is essential that studio staff are able to use it quickly and easily to present content to the best advantage.”