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Cost-Effective Video Wall Solutions by TV One at ISE 2011
Posted on Tuesday, December 7, 2010


December 7, 2010  

Cost-Effective Video Wall Solutions by TV One at ISE 2011


Erlanger, KY , December 7, 2010—Creating bright, high-resolution video walls is becoming increasingly popular with installations across various sectors including control rooms, sport stadiums, shopping centers and arenas. Video processing plays a major role in video wall setup and TV One will be demonstrating how their products provide various cost-effective solutions at ISE 2011 in Amsterdam.

Using four standard wall mounted LCD monitors in a 2x2 arrangement, four TV One 1T-C2-750 dual DVI scalers priced at just $995.00 MSRP and a 1T-DA-554 DVI Distribution Amplifier priced at $415.00 MSRP, TV One is able to provide a cost-effective video wall solution that includes many extra features at no extra cost. The integral CORIO®2 scaling engine of the four 1T-C2-750 units each zoom and pan a quarter of a background image from a single DVI source via a distribution amplifier to each monitor, producing a larger complete image across the four monitors with no loss of image quality. Pixel adjustment accounting for the monitor bezel is also available.

Each of the 1T-C2-750 video processors include 2 DVI inputs with advanced functionality, that allow additional video sources, computer graphics, and logos to be introduced and keyed over the background image with pixel level precision and viewed in the corresponding section of the video wall.

By adding a CORIOview C2-6104A 4-Window Video Processor to the setup, TV One will be demonstrating a four-window image display across the same video wall array at ISE. The C2-6104A allows four sizeable windows to be positioned anywhere across the video wall with color borders and source labeling if required, with the single DVI output signal being fed into the four 1T-C2-750 units via a distribution amplifier.

This set up allows the full functionality of the C2-6104A Multiviewer to be displayed across the video wall including picture-in-picture windows. Composite Video, YUV, YPbPr, RGB and DVI sources can all be accommodated and scaled to the DVI output. Image windows can be resized and positioned anywhere on the 2x2 video wall and the variable shrink and zoom function allows for any portion of the full image source to be visible within the picture in picture. Logos and stored images within the unit's memory can also be placed anywhere on the screen. The keying feature allows for any logo or image to be keyed with variable layer, priority and transition control, along with 50 presets, allowing for various configurations to be recalled and displayed.

Visit the TV One booth # 3B88 at the ISE 2011 exhibition being held in Amsterdam on February 1st-3rd to see demonstrations of visually creative yet cost-effective video walls achieved using various TV One products.


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For additional information contact Tony McAhren at TV One, 859-282-7303,, 2791 Circleport Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018.


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