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TV One Wins the Commercial Integrator BEST Award for Video Components and Processors
Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011
TV One Wins the Commercial Integrator BEST Award for Video Components and Processors
The C3-540 CORIOmaster Video System from TV One receives the Commercial Integrators BEST Award for Video Components and Processors
Erlanger, KY , July 6, 2011—TV One is the proud recipient of the Commercial Integrator BEST Award for the C3-540 CORIOmaster, in the Video Components and Processors category. This prestigious award was nominated on by a panel of Commercial Integrator editors, along with leaders in the commercial industry. The judges selected the winners in 26 different categories based upon creativity, innovation, incorporated equipment, ease of installation or implementation, and business benefits.
Tony McAhren, Product Manager of TV One was present to accept the award at InfoComm 2011 and states, "I am honored to accept the Commercial Integrator BEST Award for our new C3-540 CORIOmaster Video System on behalf of TV One. The new C3-540 CORIOmaster is a revolutionary product for TV One and a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into its creation."
The secret to the success of this award winning product lies in TV One's new CORIO®3 Technology, which is the backbone of the new C3-540 CORIOmaster. The C3-540 offers a radically new, more efficient approach to building video systems. Using TV One's latest CORIO®3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic video displays. All this is possible in one 4RU chassis.
The C3-540 CORIOmaster combines edge blending, video wall processing, multiviewing, windowing, image warping, and video processing with Up, Down, and Cross Conversion in one device. The combination of multiple products into one 4RU unit results in lower rack space, cable, and power requirements with the unit itself consuming very low power. Additionally a high quality modular video matrix is built in using CORIO®softswitch, which provides an industry first firmware based video routing, switching and video conversion and effects platform using multiple canvases and layouts along with PC and Apple compatible control software.
16 Universal AV Module slots are available and the CORIOmaster automatically recognizes the modules inserted as either input or output modules. This allows up to 32 I/0's and since there are no dedicated input or output slots when using 2-Channel DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules, configurations can range from 30x2 to 2x30 and anything in between. This flexibility allows end user configurations to be based on their own needs. Additional DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules can be added later in spare slots without having to reset the unit. The new Universal DVI-U format accommodates DVI, HDMI, RGB, YPbPr, Composite or S-Video. All AV modules are hot swappable and recognized for immediate auto configuration.