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WolfVision Launches iPhone Application for Remote
Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010
WolfVision Launches iPhone Application for Remote

Klaus, Austria.  WolfVision, the European manufacturer of high-end Visualizers, has developed an iPhone application to aid in the operation of their Visualizers.  The application, which is available for free download at the Apple iTunes App Store, is called the “WolfVision Remote Control for iPhone/iPod” app. 

This app allows the user to easily control networked WolfVision Visualizers directly from an iPhone or iPod Touch.  Essentially, your iPhone/iPod Touch becomes your own personal remote control for any networked Visualizer.  In order for the app to work, a WLAN router needs to be integrated into the same network as the Visualizer.  Once the app is enabled, the user will be able to control all WolfVision Visualizers on the respective wireless network. 

Not only does the app allow full control of the Visualizer, it also gives the user a live feed preview of the Visualizer image.  This preview feature gives the presenter freedom of movement throughout the room and more direct contact with the audience without the need to turn back and view the large main display screen in the room. 

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