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At The Front of The Class - WolfVision Visualizers Enhancing Education
Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2011
At The Front of The Class - WolfVision Visualizers Enhancing Education

The most important factors for successful presentations in a school room or university setting are quite simple to name, but not so easy to implement. It is essential for the teacher or lecturer to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, present effectively, create interest in the material, encourage excitement and to captivate the students. 

For decades, WolfVision has been implementing technology in universities across the world and enhancing education in every field of study.  Being able to dynamically present on any object under the lens, a WolfVision Visualizer is rapidly becoming the preferred tool of some of the world's top universities.

At Meiji University in Tokyo, which ranks among the best universities in Japan, 80 lecture halls and auditoriums have been equipped with WolfVision Visualizers.  Mr. Itaru Wada, Manager of the Izumi Campus, emphasises: "Whereas our support staff regularly receive requests about how to use our computers and audio systems, they have not received a single one for the WolfVision Visualizers, despite the fact that they are in constant use. They are so easy to operate that nobody seems to experience any kind of problem and everybody can work with them without any form of training."