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Audio-Technica Launches Its Next-Generation SmartMixer®: Introducing the AT-DMM828 Digital Matrix Mixer
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

INFOCOMM, ORLANDO, FL, June 12, 2013Audio-Technica (booth 831), a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 50 years, is debuting its AT-DMM828 Digital Matrix Mixer, the next generation of the company’s SmartMixer® family of automatic mixers. The AT-DMM828 is a microprocessor-controlled, programmable, automatic-switching eight-channel matrix mixer. Designed for a variety of applications, including installed sound/sound reinforcement, houses of worship, broadcast, recording and more, the AT-DMM828 is designed to improve audio quality through a number of sophisticated methods. One way it achieves this is by keeping the number of open microphones to a minimum, thus reducing background noise, feedback and other distractions, and increasing clarity and audio quality, while providing instant, completely transparent switching between channels. Additionally, the mixer features “correlation,” which analyzes and interprets redundancy of source material between channels in real time and may in turn favor the dominant channel, simplifying the layout/output and reducing feedback, phase issues etc.
The AT-DMM828 can be used with low-impedance dynamic or condenser microphones (including wireless microphone systems), as well as line-level sources. Each of the eight balanced inputs provides switchable 48-Volt phantom power; attenuation is also selectable on each input to allow use with line-level signals. The mixer's outputs are balanced and non-inverting. All audio connections terminate in block screw connectors.

Up to 16 units of AT-DMM828’s (a total of 128 channels of inputs) can be daisy-chained via CAT5e cable, which carries control bus, audio, and configuration data between mixers. Multiple mixers linked in this way will operate as if they are a single mixer. Therefore, microphones activated on any mixer will cause the appropriate switching functions to occur.


Each AT-DMM828 includes two separate external control system interfaces: Individual channel contact closures (via DB25 connector) and PC control (via RS232 connector or USB). The RS232 connector can also be used to connect an external third-party control system (e.g. Crestron® or AMX®) using “open disclosure communication protocol” to control the mixer.


AT-DMM828 Features:

Eight balanced inputs allow to be used with either mic-level or line-level signal. Each input provides:

  • 48V phantom power (individually selectable)
  • Individual gain and sound volume controls
  • Gate attenuation adjustable (0 dB to full mute in steps of 1 dB)
  • Gate hold time adjustable (0 sec to 6 sec in steps of 0.1 sec)
  • Mic on threshold level adjustable (Auto/Manual)
  • DSP algorithm:
    • Signal level meter (Peak/RMS)
    • Signal generator (Sine wave/Pink noise/White noise) *input channel only
    • Parametric EQ (3 band/4 band)
    • Filter (Low pass/High pass/Low shelving/High shelving/Notch/All pass)
    • Limiter
    • Delay *output channel only
    • 8×8 full matrix-mixing (can be extended to 128×8 matrix-mixing)
  • Selectable NOMA (Number of Open Microphones Attenuated):
    • Automatic gain adjustment as each microphone is activated
  • Selectable manual mode overrides automatic functions
  • Linking capability for up to 16 units (up to 128 inputs)
  • Selectable external connector’s pin assignment
    • Gate status output (using for the Camera moving)
    • Force On/Off (using for input gate control by tactile switch)
    • Mute On/Off /Toggle (using for channel level control by tactile switch)
    • Volume Up/Down (using for channel level control by tactile switch)
    • VCA function (using for channel level control by external potentiometer)
  • Compatible with third-party control systems (e.g. Crestron or AMX)
  • All settings can be adjusted or modified through AT-DMM828 Control Software
  • Mounts in a single U 19" rack space (EIA Standard)


The AT-DMM828 Digital Matrix Mixer will be available late summer 2013 with a U.S. MSRP of $2,169.00. For more information, please visit

— Mixer analyzes and interprets input signals in real time, simplifying the mixing process and preventing feedback and other common problems —